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4617 Wilson Blvd.  Arlington, VA 22203.  Tel. 571-970-5828

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about us


owner & executive chef



Turgut Yigit, more commonly known as “Chef Turgut” was born and raised in Antioch, Turkey. He spent his youth learning local recipes in southern Turkey. 



Homemade & Quality

Authentic Turkish Food

We are a fine Turkish dining establishment, specializing in homemade, quality, authentic Turkish food. Our goal is to have happy customers after each and every visit.


our story

Make a reservation

When you plan an evening out, to ensure you have the best experience possible you should make a reservation.


kabob perfection takes time

Turkish cuisine is known not only for introducing the world to shish kebab but for a variety of delicious grilled meats and kebabs.


Adana Kabob is the signature dish named after one of Turkey's most famous kebab cities, Adana. This dish is made with ground beef or lamb kneaded together with onion, garlic, and Turkish spices, then packed by hand around large, flat metal skewers.


Döner Kabob, is a popular Turkish street food. In Turkey, the meat is leaner and is served much browner and crisper. This kebab originated not in the deep southeast, but in Bursa, a city just south of Istanbul and the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Kabob was hung horizontally and cooked over coals similar to the way it's done further East.


Iskender Kabob, another popular kebab dish from Bursa, is named after Iskender Efendi himself. Crispy shavings of döner are laid upon a loaf of tender, flat pide bread, similar to pita, that's been cut into small squares.

Have a drink

at the bar

Istanbul Grill specializes in Turkish American soul food dishes along with a variety of alcoholic beverages from the bar.



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